With a strong background in real estate, coupled with being a realtor for other builders, Todd Wilson became extremely well versed with what people liked and disliked when buying their home. It’s from this distinction that Willow Ridge Builders was born, when Todd realized, there could be a better way.

“This is a very exciting time in a person’s life when they get to create their very own home.  I believe it can stay that way throughout the entire building process as their dreams gradually materialize.” quotes Todd.  In 2004, Willow Ridge Homes was born and subsequently became Willow Ridge Builders.

The Willow Ridge Difference

Willow Ridge Builders prides itself in what sets it apart from the rest.  One of the biggest differences, clients reveal, is Todd’s uncanny ability to truly understand their needs.

This happens through his unwavering dedication to the details coupled with his commitment to good communication with his clients at all times throughout the building process.

“This is something you rarely find with other builders” says one client who has experienced other builders in the past. “Some merely take part in the discussions at the beginning of a sale but want to be left alone for the rest of the time.  That made it very hard for us to communicate our needs.   Todd, on the other hand, is a stark contrast by comparison and its no wonder he’s remained a good friend to us, even after our business was complete.”

Todd believes that friendships will naturally occur when you trust someone, and that trust is earned when you approach this as a partnership and keep the partnership strong for the entire duration – as he clearly does with every single client he works for.

“You can’t expect to be on target with someones idea of their dream home if you’re taking the attitude of ‘them vs us’ – it just doesn’t work” Todd explains. “It has to be a partnership from the get-go, with open communication on both sides.  I have seen all too often that even the best intentioned builders start out this way but quickly fade away after the building process has begun.  That can be very scary for some people because they need to know that line of communication is always open to them.  After all, they are probably making the most expensive purchase of their life so far, and if I were them I would want to know that I have a clear open line of communication with my builder throughout the entire process.  That is what I give them.”

And it’s this kind of understated attitude that gives his clients the confidence to dream big and have fun with it.

The rest is simply in the details which can only truly be understood by experiencing a tour of a Willow Ridge home.  The following, however, will help as a guide to some of the differences:

The Latest Trends in Home Design & Building.

Todd is your local home building expert – applying the latest and best ideas to ensure your home is spectacular today and holds its value for years to come.  You can even view how certain elements of your new custom home will look before you build,  with cutting-edge 3D software!

Hands-On Approach.  Sure, there are cheaper ways to build a home – but what happens in the months and years after you move in?  Todd does not believe in taking shortcuts at the expense of quality, “…even when it’s behind the walls and you may never see it” he explains.  Period. This no-shortcuts attitude is really the foundation for the Willow Ridge difference.

Experienced Craftsmen.  Willow Ridge Builders is not a classroom for inexperienced subcontractors.  Todd is a perfectionist who only allows other personally-selected, trusted perfectionists to work on the construction of your home.

Cost Cutting Measures.  Since 2004 Willow Ridge Builders has strived to cut costs & wasteful spending by maintaining extremely low overhead, no employees, no trucks or equipment, low lot inventory and long term relationships with vendors & skilled craftsmen.  This approach has allowed Willow Ridge Builders to give the homeowner more home for their money.

Standard “Extras”.  Other builders may call them upgrades and charge you extra.  With Willow Ridge Builders, many of these items are just standard features. When you talk to Todd, ask him what “extras” will work best for your style and budget.


Willow Ridge Builders is a proud member of the following organizations:

  • Better Business Bureau of Nebraska
  • National Association of Homebuilders
  • Home Builders Association of Lincoln
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Nebraska Association of Realtors
  • Realtors Association of Lincoln